A List: Where are the Best Cafes to Take Instagram Photos in Singapore

Savoring tea and coffee in a cafe is a time-honored custom. The tradition continues even today. The truth is the custom has evolved into a much better leisurely activity. Rather than just sipping coffee or chatting, people discuss matters of utmost importance. Many constructive decisions have been made over a coffee meeting. Plus, the spice of social networking makes cafe visits even more memorable. However, the key lies in finding the right destination. So, where are the best cafes to take Instagram photos in Singapore?


Best Instagrammable cafe points


When it comes to choosing a cafe for your next Insta post, you’ve a myriad of choices. From simple outlets to high-end destinations, the choices are limitless. Still, you may want an outlet that’s perfect for a photo-shoot. Are there such destinations? Yes, sure! Here are popular cafes Singapore that are worth your attention.


Boufe Boutique Cafe


Unlike common outlets that focus on coffee, this one of a kind cafe specializes in other light dishes too. People applaud the cakes and food at this lovely spot. In addition to its amazing delicacies that drive users, the cafe is popular for its aesthetics. That’s why it regularly finds its place in Instagram posts.


You may try glazing your cake or check other chic and classic desserts. Many folks visit this cafe for a small party or get-together. So, if you feel like throwing a weekend meet or family gathering, pick your cell phone and get ready for your next astounding Insta picture.

Five Oars Coffee Roasters


Most people wish to try cakes with coffee. This is especially the case with those who check cafes in the evening. If you’re one such dessert lover, check this beautiful cafe house. It’ll captivate your hearts on all points. With concrete flooring, high ceilings, and wooden-topped furniture pieces, Five Oars Coffee Roasters stands as a chic outlet for your next instagrammable picture.


Their unique brunch menu is the highlight which you may want to share with others. To make the post even more beautiful, take your photo in front of their neon sign. The best part of the outlet is it lets you stay late in the evening up to 10 pm.


Central Perk SG


If you love the series Friends’, this outlet ought to be on your watch-list. Why? You could catch some familiar props at the cafe. The outlet is popular for a variety of coffee flavors, but other foods are surprisingly picked by casual visitors. So, why not grab a photo at this lovely cafe and post it on your Instagram account?



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