Benefits of Integrated Programme Tutoring

An integrated programme is a way of improving learning for well-performing students in Singapore. This scheme allows well-performing students to proceed directly to junior college without doing the ordinary GCE ‘O’ level exams (typically taken by students in the 4th or 5th year of secondary school). An integrated programme involves six years of study and it’s more difficult compared to regular secondary education. Therefore, it’s essential to enroll in integrated programme tuition.


Benefits of the integrated programme tutoring

  • Personalized attention and guidance

Different schools in Singapore offer different teaching schemes for the integrated programme and thus, it isn’t easy to get the guidance you need from online research. On the other hand, tutors tailor their notes to match the needs of the specific school.

The tutor can learn the individual’s child’s learning style and they’re able to adapt teaching methods accordingly.

  • Improves academic performance

Integrated programme tuition prepares the students for tests and exams, making them surpass their peers easily. The student’s performance generally improves when working with a tutor.

Students gain confidence as they go deeper and learn outside regular classes and they’re able to transfer the same spirit to classroom work.

  • Improves social and behavioral skills

Students can communicate effectively with teachers as they interact. Students express themselves without fear or intimidation and this is successfully transferred to other areas.

  • Better time management

Tutoring means the student needs to create extra time after school, during weekends and holidays. This teaches them the importance of prioritizing and missing out on activities that are not important. Integrated programme tuition helps the students to develop a learning schedule. The students can apply the same in school and manage their time better to excel in an integrated programme.

  • It gives peace of mind

It’s always clear to both students and parents that an integrated programme is not like the standard secondary education as it’s very challenging. Having an integrated programme tuition acts as insurance that everything is in order and the student’s excelling chances are high. This gives parents peace of mind as they’re able to focus on other things.

  • It improves discipline and work ethic

Integrated programme tutor always double-checks to ensure the student has done homework. On the same note, they ensure the student is on board with school work. This keeps the student focused and doing what is needed of them.


Tips on excelling in an integrated programme

I. Plan to manage your time effectively and ensure all assignments, homework, and projects are done on time.

II. Learn smart and avoid memorization since the integrated programme is about critical thinking and uses open-ended questions. Make efficient short notes on your own to facilitate easy understanding and revision.

III. Be open to consulting your teachers, tutor and peers. Even though this programme is available for bright and well-performing students, you shouldn’t let pride hinder you from succeeding.

IV. Be proactive since, in the integrated programme, learning never ends. Read deeply on subjects you’re taught and consult your seniors to know how exams are set.



The Integrated programme is very advantageous, but you should also know that it’s challenging compared to standard secondary education. Therefore, it’s very beneficial to get a tutor to help where there are challenges. Qualified integrated programme tutors are well experienced in assisting students in challenging subjects and topics to help them pass ‘A” level exams with good scores. Get integrated programme tuition today and you’ll reap the benefits!



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