Features Of A Good Barcode Reader

There are numerous barcode readers that you can find on the market, making it challenging to know which one is right for you. Knowing what features are important in your specific situation and learning how these products can benefit your business will help you make an informed decision. Below, are the features of a good barcode reader that have proven popular with consumers, businesses, and governments alike.

Reading speeds

Although there are a variety of barcode reading technologies featured in barcode readers today, there are two that remain popular and widespread, line-scan and linear. Line-scan is the older technology used in the old school “slash-and-read” readers and linear reads each character. Today, linear readers are only a very small percentage of the market. Line scan is still used in virtually all barcode scanners and less frequently in handheld scanners. The average reading speed for line-scan is about 1/10th the speed of linear. You may visit this site,

Dual Scanning Capability

Dual scanning enables you to use two different types of code readers simultaneously. That is becoming increasingly popular for two main reasons: 1) going through more product lines in less time simply because you can scan multiple products at once, and 2) accessing codes on vertical versus horizontal labels.

The best dual-scanning readers allow barcodes from multiple manufacturers to be read simultaneously. This way, you can read an item from one manufacturer in seconds and a second item from a different manufacturer only takes a few seconds longer to set up. A good dual-scanning reader allows you to change settings as easily as flipping a switch. The more seamless the process, the greater your efficiency will be.

Slider to Switch Between Modes

These barcode scanners usually have a large switch in the center of the handle and a slider or thumbwheel off to one side that allows you to toggle between modes (1D and 2D). Many people prefer having two switches: one slider one switch. There is less confusion. One small disadvantage is holding the scanner in one position to change modes. However, both methods are popular since it’s easy to navigate, and a good barcode reader will have a fast-switching speed for both modes. Understandably, a good barcode reader should allow you to switch from 1D to 2D mode and vice versa quickly and easily, whether in handheld or stationary applications.

Alphanumeric Mode

2D barcodes are used in various industries, including healthcare, government, and retail. There is no single standard for reading 2D codes, and there are several different types used in the industry today. It’s important to know that not all 2D readers can read all types. Reading alphanumeric or stacked codes will be necessary for some industries where the technology used is proprietary and can’t be accessed by other manufacturers’ products.

USB Port

The USB port on a barcode scanner is a must-have for any business. A good reader allows you to quickly and easily connect the device to another computer through the USB port. You can do that on the fly, which is convenient if you are working on a project where you need to take inventory at an offsite location and then upload the results onto your computer at home or in the office.

A USB port will also enable you to connect the barcode scanner to a barcode label printer such as a Eumig UMP-100. You can use a barcode label printer for various applications, including mobile labeling, metering, and inventory management.

A good barcode reader will be able to scan practically any kind of code from different angles without requiring too much light. It should also read codes from various distances, including those far away or hard to see. Further, a good barcode reader will have a large display so you can see the results of your reading at a glance and enable you to keep track of codes you’ve read and which ones aren’t readable.



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