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Most people, especially women, like receiving flowers as an apology or as a gesture of love. Their most appealing features are their overall outlook, fragrance, and what they represent. They are usually perishable; thus, what they mean is what matters most. Some people prefer to hand out flowers to their loved ones themselves so they can witness their immediate reaction. However, flower delivery is also as popular due to the surprise factor. There are various flower delivery services you can check such as at whereby prompt delivery and a variety of different flowers can be delivered.

Flower delivery and floral wire services

Flower delivery is carried out through websites that allow consumers to look through various catalogs of flowers. This is usually delivered to a third party, who is typically the gift recipient. Traditionally, flower delivery was usually done via telegraphs and later telephones before the emergence and development of the internet.

A floral wire service, usually called a flower relay service, is developed to facilitate the exchange of orders and fulfilments between third-part sales agents of floral products and local florists. They offer services such as:

  • Clearinghouse services
  • Proprietary networks
  • Operating as affiliate marketing sources

Floral wire services’ main functions are to act as agents to sell services and products on behalf of local florist suppliers. They are not required to keep stock in hand. The floral gifts or floral arrangements are purchased from the local supplier only once the order has been made. They get a discount, which is usually the profit resulting from the difference between the discounted and advertised prices. This is like in the form of a commission.

Floral services are usually divided into four main categories. These include:

  • Local Florist 

There are websites for local florists who offer bouquets and arrangements for direct delivery by their vans and personnel in the geographical area they serve. This is known as hand delivered and provided the advantage of same-day delivery of the particular items ordered. This is suitable as flowers are a perishable product.

  • Order BrokerOrder brokers display bouquet and arrangement product images and transfer the orders to affiliated local florists for hand delivery and fulfillment. The floral product prices include service fees and local delivery charges. This service offers consolidation of purchases for delivery to many locations via a single website.
  • Relay Florist

This is a website where an organization or person gets a purchase order between the consumer instead of direct order placement with the local florist.

  • Courier Delivery

Courier-delivered flowers are conjugated into bunches at the flower farm or warehouse of the distributor and placed in cardboard boxes for direct shipping to the recipient via overnight carriers. The flowers tend to be fresher as they are packed directly from the farm, with the recipient responsible for unpacking. 

There are various ways in which you can choose, pay for and get delivery of flowers for your loved ones or different functions. Check out the Floritisque website posted above to check out our variety of affordable flowers and flower delivery services.



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