How to find home renovation prices in Singapore?

Home renovation is required once every few years to ensure your home is in good condition. If you are planning to sell off your house, you should properly renovate it to attract prospective buyers. Home renovation prices in Singapore vary according to your needs. One cannot quote a particular amount for the home renovation project. What changes you are looking forward to and how much you are willing to spend on renovating your house are the main factors to decide the price.


Home bto renovation budget is one of the biggest expenses in your life. It is important to plan out well and set the right budget to get the best results. There are several factors that must be considered to ascertain renovation prices in Singapore. They are as mentioned below:

1. The first determining factor is the type of your house whether it is a landed house, a condo, or an HDB flat. The size also plays an important role to decide the renovation price.2. What the current state of your house is also an important factor in deciding the renovation prices in Singapore. If you have bought a brand new house, you would have to pay a lesser amount than you would have for an old home. If your house is old, you would have to spend money both for repairs and renovation.
3. To what extent you want the renovation work done also has an impact on the total price of the renovation job. If you want minor renovations, it can be done in a small amount. However, if you are looking for a total makeover of your house, you would have to spend a large amount.
4. One of the most important factors that would decide your total renovation price is the type of materials you wish to use. Your taste for fancy products and artsy pieces would cost you more than you expect. If you wish to use only premium materials all throughout the house, make sure you set your budget high.
5. Finally, whom you hire for the renovation project determines the total renovation price in Singapore. You may choose to hire either an individual interior designer or an interior design company. The service charge varies among them.


When you are looking to hire an interior designer for your renovation work, you should make a prudent decision for the same. It is important to hire the most affordable option that will offer excellent services. There are also individual contractors available that will help you with your project. It is important to decide whether you want to go forward with a contractor or a certified interior designer. It is suggested to hire an interior designer over a contractor as the former will be more helpful. An interior designer will help you with budgeting, designing, purchasing materials, and execution of the renovation plan. If you have any ideas, you can share the same with the professional and they will incorporate your idea in the design.


Home renovation prices in Singapore can be flexible and affordable when you take all the right steps. You must ensure always taking prudent decisions for the same.



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