Importance of Carpet Cleaning Services for Office

What is carpet cleaning?

In Singapore, carpets are often found in many offices. When they get dirty and cannot be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner or a carpet shampooer, professional help may be needed. This kind of service is usually offered by carpet cleaning companies who have used tools and equipment that can remove tough stains from the carpet. They use powerful steam cleaners to extract dirt from the fibres of the carpet. In addition to this, they also use chemicals to kill germs and bacteria present on the surface of the rug as well as inside its depths. If you own an office space in Singapore with carpets, call ESP today for those high quality commercial cleaning services!

Carpet cleaning is the removal of unwanted dirt, soil, stains or other contaminants from carpets. This process can be done by extracting the debris using a machine that will vacuum clean the surface of the carpet.

A commercial office space in Singapore may have carpeting installed to reduce noise within an interior but also because it provides comfort for workers inside. Carpeting has been proven to help insulate against harsh weather conditions around outside and prevents cold wind from seeping through floor tiles, so it helps keep people comfortable on even the chilliest winter day.

The homeowners of commercial offices are not just business owners but also customers, suppliers, investors and anyone who visits these spaces on a regular basis. Not only does this mean that they want to be physically comfortable with the temperature of their surroundings, but they also want to feel welcomed and appreciated with a clean carpet.

ESP, an established carpet cleaning company in Singapore, provides professional services to ensure that people can work or do business comfortably inside such spaces. The best time to make your carpets appear as new is before any stains settle on it.

Simple steps should be followed for preventive maintenance:

  • Regular vacuuming that will remove surface particles and prevent any stubborn dirt from getting entangled into fibers;
  • Cleaning up spills and removing stains as soon as possible; and
  • Checking the return policy of your area rugs if you ever want them cleaned professionally because some manufacturers actually prohibit anything other than dry cleaning.

In emergencies, such as if a lot of stains have accumulated and require professional attention, companies like ESP can help by quickly eradicating dirt from your carpets. They will do this using steam extraction cleaning that will allow the maximum possible amount of water to be sucked out before it dries up. When done by professionals, all you need is to then let the carpet dry completely before people are allowed to use it again or else risk having wet feet too long or even slipping on anything that has been trapped under fibers.

ESP provides carpet cleaning services for office in Singapore more than just regular maintenance for commercial office spaces in Singapore though because they also offer deodorizing treatments (using solutions developed only by the company’s chemists), Scotchguard treatment (to repel any future stains), and even special treatments such as enzyme treatment, hot water extraction and precipitate washing.




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