The link to a bigger dream – Property bridging loans in Singapore

Get worried about your cash flow while selling your old house and buying a new one? Know more about property bridging loans and the best lender for it in Singapore.


It is our common hope in Singapore to move into a newer, bigger, more comfortable but pricey place. To realize the dream, you may have to sell your existing home. This situation raises the question of how to finance the new home while trying to sell the old one. The answer can be a property bridging loan in Singapore.


What is a property bridging loan?

Bridging loans are short-term loans until you obtain permanent financing or settle an existing obligation. A property bridging loan provides immediate cash flow, which is backed by your property, to meet your urgent need. It helps enhance flexibility for you to wait for selling your old property.


Types of bridging loans

To bridge your financing need, two types of bridging loans are available.

  • Closed bridging loans: Require a detailed exit plan to pay off the loan that is usually settled within a few months. Suitable if you have a concrete schedule of obtaining financing such as selling your old house.
  • Open bridge loans: Usually don’t need an exit plan to pay off the loans which can be repaid within a year. Because of no detailed exit plan, it can provide time-effective financing. Suitable if you are uncertain about your expected future finance.


Differences between property bridging loans and traditional loans

In view of the urgent need for financing, property bridging loans differ from the traditional loans in the below areas.

  • Having a faster and more convenient application, approval, and funding process
  • Being short-term loans
  • Having higher interest rates
  • Entailing bigger origination fees
  • Usually no early repayment penalties


Considerations of a property bridging loan

A property bridging loan provides immediate cash flow. However, before deciding to proceed with the loan, there are three crucial considerations.


Borrowing cost

Designed for short-term borrowing, bridge loans have high-interest rates. Such interests are charged until the loans are settled, it will certainly be a good idea to think thoroughly how long do you need the bridge loans.


Risks and consequences of a default

Similar to other loans, the most prominent concern is the risk of a default, to which various penalties and additional interests will be imposed. Worse, your old property which is used to secure the loan may be repossessed by the lender for repaying the loan. Even though the situation is better, the late payment will adversely affect your credit history, which will then impact your future loans.



The single reason you need to apply for a property bridging loan is the need for immediate cash flow. It will be crucial if your application can be initiated and processed swiftly. The provision of online or mobile enquiry will be an important feature while evaluating potential lenders.


The best property bridging loan lenders in Singapore

Property bridging loan is all about efficiency. Being one of the most reputable licensed moneylenders in Singapore, Aero Credit provides high-quality property bridging loan services while valuing efficiency and flexibility and upholding your confidentiality.

We provide prompt responses to your inquiries about the loan application. You can ask questions whenever you need via WhatsApp, a direct call, or an enquiry form. If you are wondering whether a property bridging loan fits your needs, please feel free to contact us. Whether you finally decide to lend from Aero Credit or not, we will always provide the warmest replies.



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