Tips on How to Find the Best Florist in Singapore

There are many flower shops, but only a few are cheap. Singapore is where most businesses are over-priced because of the demanding service industry. However, there are still some ways to get low-cost flower products that will not neglect your wallet. This article will explore how to look for one or at least advise you on what to do when looking for a cheap florist in Singapore and what you should consider when buying flowers in this expensive city.

1) Do research on the flower company

An easy way to find a cheap florist is by going through reviews. So if you are going to buy from one of these shops, especially online, do some research and read feedback or testimonials left by customers who have bought flowers from them. Knowing what experience they had with the company will allow you to decide which flower shop you will buy your product.

2) When is the best time to buy

When looking for a cheap florist in Singapore, the most common question that people ask is, “When can I find cheap flowers?”. The truth is, you can find cheap flowers all year round. Yes, there are certain times when you have to buy them early, but that is not a given during festive seasons or even birthdays. If you want a lower price, weekday mornings and Mondays are the best time to purchase your product. However, going after 10 am will be too late, so it is best to wake up early.

3) Buying when in season

A fresh flower is expensive, but it will be cheaper when it’s not in a season since the demand for these flowers is low. The season changes throughout the year, and here are some of them:

-August: Roses, Sunflowers; Flowering plants

-March: Chrysanthemum; Lilies

-May: Orchids, Tulips

-December: Anthuriums, Bouvardia, Christmas Cacti/ succulents

4) Avoid buying the more expensive flowers and go for its alternatives.

There are certain flowers that people would not buy because they think it’s too expensive or maybe because it is not in their budget. The truth is, they are much cheaper than you think. For example, if you go to the flower market right now and look at Orchids, you can buy them at $2 per stem, but prices go up to about $4-$5 per unit during festive seasons. So if you want to have an orchid, just buy them a few months before and you can get a much cheaper price.

The same thing goes for unique flowers, like Camelia, which is a flower that resembles a Lily, but it is much more expensive than the latter because it takes a long time, so its supply is minimal. So if you are looking for cheap flowers, it is best to go for common ones like roses, lilies, and tulips.

5) Look for a wholesale florist

Since Singapore is a place where commercialism sells everything, even the air we breathe, it is best to look for one if you want cheap flowers. Buying wholesale will get you lower prices than if you are just buying from a regular flower shop.

6) buy flowers that are in season

Certain flowers will have their peak season, meaning they will be more expensive than usual so if you want to buy them, go ahead but make sure to buy them before the peak season comes; otherwise, they might be too expensive. Look for a cheap florist in Singapore, and you will be able to save more money.

Bottom line

In conclusion, if you want to get cheap flowers, make sure to do your research on the flower company, when is the best time to buy and of course where to buy. If money is not an issue for you, by all means, go ahead and purchase what you like, but if it is, then follow the tips stated above and try looking for a cheap florist in Singapore. Remember that it is your money so always think of ways how to save it.



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